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Corvette Maintenance Tips

May 5, 2016

Some Simple Tips To Keep Your Vette In Tip Top Shape

Like any performance vehicle, Chevrolet Corvettes require some special maintenance. Being aware of these requirements will keep the car running well, providing a great experience each time drivers climb behind the wheel.

Corvette Maintenance TipsCorvette owners need to be especially aware of changes in fluid levels, since ignoring them could lead to serious damage to various components. While it might not be convenient, drivers really should check the oil level each time they purchase gas. Failing to do so risks an expensive engine problem.

Since many of the car’s fluids are transported through the many hoses in the engine compartment, checking them regularly is a great habit. Carefully squeezing the hoses to look for cracks is necessary, as is inspecting the connections for leaks. At the same time, looking over the belts for cracking or splitting can also help avoid an expensive repair. If there’s a problem, a technician has the training to determine if the belts need to be replaced or simply adjusted.

One thing that many first-time Corvette owners don’t expect is how quickly the car can go through wearable items, or more specifically tires and brake pads. They’re made of softer materials than on the average vehicle, providing better traction and stopping performance, but that comes at a price. Owners need to listen for noises such as grinding, squealing or chirping whenever they step on the brakes, which could means new pads are needed. If the car takes longer to stop, that can also be a sign.

Corvette Tire CareAggressive driving maneuvers, including taking corners quickly and doing burnouts, help chew through tires faster. Knowing the signs of worn tires is helpful, such as at least three tread-wear indicators being visible, cracking in the sidewalls, fabric/cords poking through the rubber or any bulges/splits in the rubber. If you’re unsure about tire wear or the brakes, a trained automotive technician who’s familiar with Corvettes can use the proper tools to assess if they need to be serviced. They can also provide the kind of wearables that are paired to the performance abilities of your vehicle, helping avoid problems down the road.

Proper maintenance can help owners enjoy their Corvette more fully. From early on, lubricant should be regularly spread on the door and hatch seals to protect against deterioration. The same can be done for the other seals. Washing and waxing the car at least once a week will help guard against damage to the paint.

Many Chevrolet Corvette owners use their cars for competitive events, including drag races and autocross. The owner’s manual recommends switching engine oil for motorsports of any kind, plus changing the oil more often. Switching to DOT 4 brake fluid is ideal as well, since it’s less likely to vaporize under high heat situations, preventing a crash. Changing the brake fluid once a year is also necessary.

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