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Chevy Says Customers Know Best

May 1, 2016

Now You Can Choose Between 10 Colors For Your Corvette

If you’ve ever ordered a new car completely from scratch rather than taking one that the dealership had already placed an order for, you’ll probably be familiar with certain limitations that are often in place. While it’s easy to understand why you can’t always mix and match engines, transmissions and drivetrains the way you might want to, it’s a lot harder to see what the problem is with mixing colors and interiors. However, the good folks at Chevrolet have adopted the “customer is always right” mentality when it comes to color matching with the 2016 Corvette Stingray.

When you see that the 2016 Corvette Stingray is available in ten exterior colors and an even wider choice of interiors depending on the model, it can be really helpful to have the manufacturer’s recommendations of what goes with what. Another reason why manufacturers have prescribed interior and exterior combinations is that they’ve had years of experience in knowing what is likely to sell and what might prove difficult for dealers to move. Allowing only certain combinations to be chosen protects dealers from potentially ending up with models that may be hard to sell.

However, if a customer decides that they still want a specific combination that’s not on the order book, why shouldn’t they be able to have it? Chevy certainly believes they should be able to, which is why buyers can check off the “Color Combination Override” option when ordering a new Stingray. This then allows them to order whatever combination of exterior, interior or convertible top that is available on any Stingray for that particular model year.

Depending on which specific Stingray model is being ordered, the cost of choosing the Color Combination Override ranges from $590 to $1,380.

Although a number of other automakers are now offering buyers a wider range of color and trim combinations so people can customize their new cars, those programs don’t offer this kind of flexibility. The real beauty of Color Combination Override for the Corvette Stingray is that it’s kind of like a combination of customization and special edition programs. Also, this is nothing new for Corvette buyers as it’s actually been available for several years now.

Chevrolet spokesman Monte Doran, recently said of Corvette customers, “They love special editions, they love having something that nobody else has, and I think for those people there is an appeal knowing that they are going to have maybe one of 10. So it is an effort for us to give customers as many choices as they want even if it is something that we didn’t think of when we started the program.”

Color Combination Override is only available for the Corvette at the moment, but with the redesigned 2016 Camaro coupe now landing with dealers, the manufacturer will be listening to see if shoppers would like something similar for that model too.

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