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Connect to your vehicle like never before!

August 18, 2014

Check it, get it and go!


OnStar RemoteLink® Mobile App

OnStar RemoteLink® Mobile App


OnStar1 RemoteLink® mobile app creates a secure connection between your mobile device and your OnStar-equipped vehicle.

To connect your vehicle to RemoteLink, make sure you have:

  • An active OnStar service plan and online account sign up now
  • A compatible vehicle and mobile device

Get the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app today and use your mobile device to control your vehicle from anywhere:

  • Access automated features like remote door lock6 and remote start7

  • Send Turn-by-Turn directions8 to your vehicle

  • Get current, accurate vehicle diagnostic information

  • Manage your vehicle’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot

  • View your vehicle’s current location and at the push of a button10

OnStar RemoteLink Key Fob Services

An active OnStar Directions & Connections or Safe & Sound service plan is required to access most RemoteLink features. However with 2014 OnStar equipped vehicles, when you download and use RemoteLink just once during your OnStar trial or consecutive subscription, you’ll unlock access to the RemoteLink Key Fob Services, including Remote Start, Remote Door Lock and Remote Horn and Lights, for five years from date of vehicle delivery.

OnStar RemoteLink Key Fob Services do not include any emergency services, Automatic Crash Response, stolen vehicle assistance, live Advisor service, or Hands-Free Calling. If you sell your GM vehicle or wish to cancel use of OnStar Key Fob Services, you must contact OnStar at 1.888.4.ONSTAR. Subsequent owners will be able to activate the remaining term of Key Fob Services by calling 1.888.4.ONSTAR.

When OnStar RemoteLink Key Fob Services are active, location information is collected each time you use the app.

Learn more about the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app here.

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