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GMC Getting to the Root of Auto Sales Success: Customer Service

March 21, 2013

We all know that it is not actually the brand name on the back of a vehicle or the features inside it that sell a car, but the person at the dealership that helps the customer. It seems that GMC understands this as well in light of the new U.S. Customer Service Index Study that indicates this mass-market brand is at the very front of the pack when it comes to overall customer satisfaction.

While the focus on customer satisfaction at GMC dealers such as Jessup Auto Plaza has always been at the top of the priority list, the emphasis became even stronger when the economy took a downturn and the number of consumers buying new cars declined. Rather than trying cheap tactics to try to bolster their sagging income, the dealers placed even

more attention on pleasing the customers that they did have. This definitely paid off for them as the economy improved and more people began buying cars again. They remembered the fantastic customer service they received from their GMC dealer and those that hadn’t bought a car in years recalled what they heard from friends and family who had wonderful experiences at these dealerships.

Of course, this didn’t mean that the focus on customer satisfaction stopped. In fact, many dealerships turned right around and invested their profits back into their dealerships to provide better facilities and more effective service centers so that consumers would be even more pleased with the services that they were getting from when they decide to purchase a new vehicles to each time it needs maintenance or repair.

If you are in Cathedral City, come down to Jessup. Let the experts there give you the car buying experience you never knew was possible!

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