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Chevrolet to NASCAR: Redesign Race Cars to Make them More Relevant or We’re Out

February 28, 2013

The death of a race car driver is something truly horrific. Not only is the death extremely public, but it is also the gut-wrenching end of a career that millions followed with love and admiration. When the beloved driver Dale Earnhardt died NASCAR decided that a change needed to be made. While drivers and fans alike could appreciate the need to increase the safety measures on race cars so that they drivers would be better protected from crashes like the one that took Earnhardt, the resulting vehicle was a catastrophe. This “Car of Tomorrow” was a total departure from the showroom look of race cars and had taken on a completely generic, boxy and unappealing look that was criticized widely. Manufacturers were angry that the organization had taken away their ability to make their own design decisions while drivers felt that they no longer had a connection to their vehicle. Chevrolet decided that was going to change. The carmaker led the charge, with Toyota and Ford following along. Together they demanded that NASCAR make changes to the rules that governed the construction of the race cars so that they were more appealing and more relevant to the driver and to the consumer. Chevrolet even told NASCAR that they would lose the auto powerhouse completely if the changes weren’t made. Their voices were heard, NASCAR listened and the Generation 6 line of cars was introduced. Manufacturers rejoice that stock car racing has returned to its roots—cars that are largely unchanged from the vehicles that can be found right on showroom floors. Tests on the vehicles have begun but we are confident that race lovers will be happy to see the old ways coming back.

Do you want to drive the same type of vehicle that brought your favorite driver to victory? Visit Jessup Auto Plaza to explore all of the Chevrolet models that are available and let the Cathedral City experts tell you about the Chevrolet SS, the inspiration for the upcoming Gen-6 that will soon hit the tracks!

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