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Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch Becomes Home to Cadillac V-Series Driving School

February 21, 2013

Do you have a love for Cadillac racing and some time to burn? If so, head to Las Vegas, Nevada and take part in the new Cadillac V-series Academy at the Spring Mountain Resort and Country Club. The driving Academy just open to the public a month ago, and is welcoming drivers of all levels to take part in an exciting experience that sets them behind the wheel of some of the most luxurious world-class performance vehicles. Four miles of race track offers participants plenty of opportunity to live the dream by trying out the most coveted of Cadillac vehicles in the V-series family, including the Cadillac CTS-V, which boasts an incredible 556 horsepower.

The Cadillac V-series Academy offers luxurious appointments and dedicated instruction they gives drivers both the opportunity to try their hands at operating these high-powered vehicles and real-world enhancement of their driving skills. Classes at the one and two day Academy sessions are strictly limited to 12 participants and run from just under $1300 to just under $2300. Of course, these sessions are just about getting out on the racetrack and having joyrides. Participants will also go through specific exercises to help them understand the breaking, shifting and navigation requirements of a variety of performance vehicles so that when it does come time to really hit the pavement, drivers are prepared to control the vehicles and enjoy the ride. Though it seems relatively common sense, one of the most important lessons that is emphasized throughout the sessions is one that the experts say drivers forget incredibly often: keep your eyes up and focused on where you should be going, not looking at something that you are about to hit.

Do you love Cadillac’s line of vehicles, but don’t see yourself heading to Las Vegas anytime in the near future to participate in the V-series Academy? Or do you dream of participating in the economy and want to make sure that you have your very own Cadillac to bring with you? Visit Jessup Auto Plaza and let the Cathedral City experts help you pick the model that is just right for you.

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