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Cadillac Lets Drivers Customize Their Gauge Cluster

January 31, 2013

Car owners may be used to being able to choose certain features of their vehicles. You know when you stroll onto the lot of Jessup Auto Plaza that you will have a choice of paint colors and maybe the size of the tires on your vehicle. The new Cadillac XTS, however, is bringing driver customization to another level by allowing drivers to select the design of their gauge cluster.

The available themes of the gauge cluster range from the basic “simple” approach that offers a minimalistic look at the vehicle’s information to a “performance” option that provides a huge array of detail.  This means that you can control just how much information about your car that you can see at any given time. Maybe you are the type of driver that really only needs to know the speed you are going and how much fuel you have. On the other hand, perhaps you are the type that is interested in the actual driving dynamics of the vehicle. Maybe it is more important to you that the display is visually organized and easy to read. However a gauge would be most user-friendly for you, the Cadillac XTS high-end trim options can make it happen.


Don’t worry about making a final decision, however. The beauty of this customizable gauge cluster is that you can change between different options whenever you please. A multidirectional switch located right on the steering wheel lets you switch among the four options on the 12.3 inch LCD display screen quickly and easily. This also means that if there is more than one driver of the vehicle each can select the gauge cluster display that is best for his driving personality.

Come on down to your Cathedral City Cadillac dealer to test out the full array of intuitive features offered on the newest Cadillac models. The experts will help you pick out the model that will fit your needs and your driving personality.

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