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Start The New Year With The 2013 GMC Terrain

January 17, 2013

The GMC Terrain and the Chevy Equinox may be built on a shared platform and even created in the same plant, but you aren’t going to see the same consumers looking at these two vehicles. GMC is purely about trucks, meaning that the Terrain offers a bold presence, more aggressive styling and distinctively GMC detailing that sets it apart from softer options such as the Equinox.


Ready for Action

Just because the GMC Terrain is a handsome vehicle that offers welcome touches of luxury doesn’t mean that this vehicle has lost its truck identity. The Terrain offers clean styling and textured paint that resists damage, details that say the truck-based SUV is ideal for the everyday jaunt through the suburbs, but can also handle the elements and be put to work alongside other trucks. With rear seats that can slide forward and a sleek roof rack, the Terrain can handle cargo from tools and construction materials to groceries to supplies for a weekend of camping.

A Comfortable Ride

The truck capabilities of the GMC Terrain, however, don’t mean that families can’t enjoy the vehicle for their daily commutes or long road trips. The Terrain offers a comfortable and attractive interior that welcomes up to 5 passengers to relax and enjoy the ride. The seats offer plenty of support and adjustability so that each passenger can create the positioning that is best for him. The rear seat even has recline capability for optimum comfort during long trips. For those planning on doing a lot of travel—especially with children—you should consider the optional entertainment package. The rear features include two screens that can be operated totally independently, meaning that two people riding in the back of the vehicle can choose their own entertainment throughout the trip.

Check out the GMC Terrain by visiting Jessup Auto Plaza to explore the options and take a test drive.

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