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GM Seeks to Attract Younger Generation with Updated Test Track

January 3, 2013

General Motors has been a part of Walt Disney World since 1992, as a means of keeping its name out there. In 1999, they introduced an attraction called “Test Track” where visitors could design their own custom vehicles and test them out in terms of performance and other aspects. The attraction, however, seems to have grown stale and outdated in the past few years. This is likely due to the fact that many GM models – including Saturn and Pontiac – are no longer available and thus, should not be included in the attraction.


To update the Test Track attraction, it closed down in April of 2012 to undergo renovations. Over the course of 18 months, GM Engineers worked hand in hand with Disney’s Imagineers to create a new, updated version of the Test Track. The good news is that this attraction is now coming soon – slated to open on December 6th of this year.

This version of the Test Track attraction – found at Epcot Center – will allow more hands on virtual creation and will foster creativity in the minds of the young. The attraction allows the guests to create their cars from scratch – even if it means designing a lemon.

Part of the idea is to create an attraction for younger folks, but also to garner attention to the motor industry. GM acknowledges that most people know that cars are built in a factory, but they have no idea of all of the inner-workings that make up the design and creation of a vehicle. GM nearly scrapped their deal with Disney during their bankruptcy proceedings, but decided against it at the last minute. With this new exhibit looking to be the most interactive attraction Disney has offered, it might just be the smartest decision that GM has ever made.

Want to see what is new with GM? Come on down to Jessup Auto Plaza today!

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