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Looking for a Cadillac Plug-in Hybrid? Check out What’s in store for 2013

December 20, 2012

GM has recently released exciting news that it plans to invest $35 million in its Detroit-Hamtramk plant as a means of coming out with a newly designed vehicle. If you were excited by the concept picture of the Cadillac Converj, you will be able to see it come to life in the new Cadillac ELR Plug-in Hybrid that is expected to go into production as of right now, in late 2013. It will be released as a 2014 model and you can expect that it will be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2013.


Currently, GM is building the Volt in this Detroit plant and the engine that is slated to go into the Cadillac ELR will essentially be the same engine. The powertrain is able to go approximately 38 miles on its electric motor before its gasoline motor kicks in to power the rest of the vehicle.

Its styling is expected to hew to the Converj concept design that was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in 2009. It is a sleek design that looks nothing like any of the other vehicles in GM’s lineup, which is a good thing as the public is turning more toward modern, unique styled vehicles. It will also be the first 2 door vehicle that comes out of the plant since 1999. This is the last year that the Cadillac El Dorado was built there.

One thing is for sure; GM is on an overhaul and is busy creating new vehicles to wow the public with. The ATS is a popular compact sedan that was released just last month in September and the XTS that debuted in June. Now, the ELR will be expected to be released in late 2013 making it the third new nameplate that GM has released in a mere 18 months.

Interested in what else GM has planned? Come check us out at Jessup Auto Plaza today.

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