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News on the Cadillac Front

December 6, 2012

The good news just keeps on coming this year in terms of cars undergoing revamping and manufacturers creating newer models for customers to choose from. If there is one thing that is true, the automotive industry is a competitive one right now and manufacturers must work hard in order to make their vehicles the top choice. Cadillac is working on doing just this with its recent news that it is considering a two seater sports car for future production. GM is making no bones about wanting to devote some much needed attention to Cadillac. After all, they do offer gorgeous vehicles and have been known to be trendsetters. Let’s take a look at some Cadillac news.


Falling off the Map?

Some might say that Cadillac has fallen off the map in recent years, but they have recently hired a new head of global growth and development by the name of Robert Ferguson. Ferguson has plans to appeal to both the ladies – an area where Cadillac admits it has been lacking – and also to create a flagstaff sedan that just wows the public. Couple this with a new, enhanced lineup expected to hit the market by 2016 and you have a recipe for success.

With many manufacturers making the strides to perfect their vehicles and even create new ones, Cadillac has to start doing the same thing. By hiring a new head of global development, they are getting off on the right foot. Even though Cadillac failed miserably with the XLR several years ago and had it taken off the market, there is no reason why they cannot succeed in another go. One thing is for sure, this sports car – if it comes to fruition – is going to be dynamic.

Come on down to Jessup Auto Plaza in Cathedral City to see what Cadillac is up to now!

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