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The 2013 Spark: Smaller Really is Better

November 8, 2012

Overcrowded streets and highways, traffic jams and the daily grind of stop, wait and go are things that all drivers in large metropolitan areas experience every single day. The more time larger SUVs and sedans sit idling in traffic, the more emissions are being spewed into the environment and the more gas is being wasted.   The 2013 Spark created by Chevrolet was introduced into the United States this year and more drivers than ever before are enjoying its remarkably impressive features. Though the Spark is widely popular and has been enjoyed by urban motorists throughout the world for over five years, it was only recently brought over to the US by General Motors, which means you can test drive your very own Spark at your local Palm Springs Chevrolet dealership today, Jessup Auto Plaza!


Why Smaller Really is better

In today’s “down-sizing” economy, there is no better automobile purchase than the Chevrolet Spark. The Spark is extremely affordable, starting at only $12,245 for the base model and $15,045 for the top Spark 2LT model.

Don’t let the affordability of the Chevrolet Spark fool you, as it is by no means cheap or lacking when it comes to driver and passenger safety. In fact, the Spark is remarkably well-constructed in comparison to other small line vehicles including the Fiat 500 and Chevrolet Sonic. The four-door Spark offers luxurious seating for four adults and is a breeze to get in and out of comfortably. With 10 air bags, knee bolsters and GM’s On-Star service, Chevrolet Spark is changing the way consumers view the world of “down-sizing”.

Got an iPhone? The new 2013 Chevrolet Spark allows drivers to unlock, program and change the radio station directly from their iPhone application! Consumers will be surprised and excited about this incredible smaller vehicle that has the comfort, safety and luxuriousness of larger vehicles but is far more economical!  Check out the Chevrolet Spark today at your local Palm Springs Chevrolet dealership today, Jessup Auto Plaza.

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