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Pink Chevrolet Setting the Pace for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 25, 2012

There have been numerous models from the Chevy family featured on the news lately, but one that has made headlines just recently is that of a Pink Chevy Camaro SS. While some manufacturers have been going with the vibrant reds and sassy yellows, Chevrolet has debuted their pink Camaro SS pace car to the racing circuit as a sponsor for breast cancer awareness. This week the car will be featured at the Atlanta Speedway, but you can test drive your own Camaro SS at your local Palm Springs Chevrolet dealership today at Jessup Auto Plaza!

Pink Camaro Breast Cancer Awareness

Setting the Pace for Charity

Every lap made by the pace car for the Chevrolet group will earn the American Cancer Society $200 from Chevrolet makers. The funds are strictly meant for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative. Last year when Chevrolet offered a similar charitable contribution they received $12,800 and Chevrolet hopes that this year there will be that much or more given to cancer research and treatment.

Ever since the 100th anniversary of the American Cancer Society Chevrolet has been on board with support and ensured that their cars and a portion of their proceeds goes in some way toward the Society’s research and charity outreach programs. Chevrolet has always believed in charitable works and to them the real charity is from the heroes that strive to cure what is thought to be the incurable.

Make your own contribution by visiting your local Palm Springs Chevrolet dealership today at Jessup Auto Plaza or visit the American Cancer Society website now.

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