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A Cadillac Innovation – Automatic Braking System

September 27, 2012

If there is one thing that Cadillac is known for it is its innovative way of advancing driver technology. Lately, the automatic braking system that Cadillac offers has been making the news, and for good reason. This new driver technology is designed to keep drivers from crashing into items, whether when driving forwards or in reverse. While the technology is not new to the auto industry and Cadillac is not the first manufacturer to offer it, it appears that they have improved upon system, which uses sensors and radar to pinpoint any obstacles that the driver may not see.

The purpose of the system is to increase driver awareness, not to relieve driver responsibility. It offers a series of warnings, including seat vibrations to alert the driver to a pending obstacle that may be in the way. If the driver fails to heed the warnings, the car will then apply its own brakes and stop the car without any involvement from the driver. The system has undergone slow motion testing and has proven to be highly successful. It may not be successful on the highway as it is in slower driving speeds, however, and this is a caution that drivers need to be aware of. When the car stops due to an impending obstacle, it will remain in place until the driver applies the gas pedal to begin moving again.

Those who may be worried about car technology eventually taking over the cars, need not worry about this automatic braking system. Over the past few years in development, the company has worked to ensure that the car will not disobey the actions of the driver. This automatic braking system will be featured in the 2013 Cadillac ATS and the XTS models as part of the Driver Assist Package. It will also be available on the SRX crossover model.

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