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Chevrolet is Ready to Honor the Making of the Corvette

September 13, 2012

Chevrolet fans all have the same addiction: the corvette. With its sleek styling, powerful engine and massive sex appeal, how could anyone not say it is the best car Chevrolet has put out? The C1 Corvette was originally released in 1953 at the New York Motorama. Six months later the production for the C1 began in 1953 and since then the reputation of the Corvette has grown significantly. Now you can drive your own Corvette and take part in Palm Springs Chevrolet history by visiting your local dealership today at Jessup Auto Plaza!


Corvettes initially were designed to follow the style of the European sports cars. Since they had more appeal in the United States and European design essentially defined what a sports car should look like, the Corvette was more for show, rather than go. Eventually Chevrolet realized that in order to sell their Corvette they were going to need to put some power behind the looks. That was why later in 1953 they began working on a better, faster engine that would have more than the standard 150-horsepower.

By 1960 the Corvette showcased a V8 engine with 230 to 315 horsepower depending on the model purchased. That was the time that Chevrolet began to enter the Corvette into racing to prove its superiority to European cars. By 1961, the C1 Corvette’s production had met its end and the end of the C1 was known. The C2 took over in 1963, but fans of the original Corvette have not forgotten the legend of the original. Today there are a few models of the famous Corvette to choose from, but if you ask a fan their favorite, they instantly go to the C1. Nothing beats the original, but you can still drive a Palm Springs Chevrolet Corvette for yourself by visiting your local  ealership today at Jessup Auto Plaza.

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