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GM CEO Gives Until It Hurts to Help Detroit Residents

August 23, 2012

Morningside Commons on the lower east side of Detroit has been hit harder than most communities during the recent financial crisis. Residents struggle with aging, dilapidated housing that is desperately in need of repair. In partnership with Habitat for Humanity Detroit, General Motors Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson has committed to changing these circumstances through the launch of a targeted Habitat program titled Leaders to Rebuild Detroit. Learn more about Palm Springs GMC community initiatives when you visit Jessup Auto Plaza..


Akerson and his wife made the first contribution to the project, with a $1 million personal donation. They hope to inspire other leaders to sign on to a program that will ultimately improve housing for at least 500 Morningside Commons residents. The plan is to construct new homes, rehabilitate those that can be salvaged, provide critical repairs, and add energy-efficiencies where necessary. Altogether, the total price tag is expected to be around $25 million.  That means more support is needed from Detroit’s wealthier community members, and Akerson wants them to give until it hurts. He is setting an example with his recent decision to auction his beloved 1958 Corvette to benefit the cause.

Akerson believes that the Corvette is a symbol of America’s passion and ingenuity – qualities still strong in the country today. He hopes that through the auction, he can draw attention to the needs of a historic Detroit neighborhood, gaining support from many more donors and volunteers. The car is a Regal Turquoise Corvette with a 245 horsepower V-8 engine. It is one of only 9,168 that were built in 1958, a mere 510 which were turquoise-colored.

Aficionados will have the opportunity to see it up close in Birmingham, Alabama, when more than 200 classic Corvettes will be displayed to celebrate the model’s 60th anniversary, 1953 – present.  You can shop for your own new Palm Springs GMC with the friendly, professional staff when you visit Jessup Auto Plaza.

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