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The Chevy Super Sport May Change Your Career Plans

August 9, 2012

What is it about those state police vehicles that inspire awe and a little fear, even when you are only 5 miles over the speed limit? It could be the imposing presence of the large, no-nonsense design that easily cuts a path through heavy traffic. Though most of us haven’t ridden inside these vehicles, officers tell us they are roomy, with plenty of legroom for both front and rear passengers. Until now, these powerful Chevy cars were built for one purpose – to keep our streets and highways more secure – but coming soon, average citizens can own a look-alike with many of the features that boost confidence on the road. Find out what it feels like behind the wheel of police vehicles with Palm Springs Chevrolet.


You have probably seen plenty of Chevrolet Caprice PPVs, designed exclusively for official use. If you watch your rear-view mirror, you have noticed fast acceleration and excellent handling. Beginning next year, new car buyers will get to choose the Chevy Super Sport, which shares the look and feel of the Caprice PPV. Though the wheelbase will be somewhat shorter, it will have many of the same features, and options are available for those that always imagined a career in law enforcement. Choose from such luxuries as a full-size spare tire, heated outside mirrors, and an auxiliary battery. We will see just how well it can perform, since plans are to make it the base of Chevy’s new Nascar stock-racer.

The biggest danger with the Super Sport is that you might like it too much, making you crave the full version only available to government agencies. Is driving the full version worth a career change? Only you can decide. We are counting down the months until we get our hands on a Super Sport, which promises all of the benefits of the Caprice PPV without the responsibility of stopping speeders. Get all of the details today: Palm Springs Chevrolet.

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