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Chevy Sonic Sets the Trend

July 26, 2012

Not all that long ago, dealers will tell you, Inferno Orange wasn’t even offered as a Chevy color option on compact cars. Though some of the high-performance vehicles, like Camaro and Corvette, did well with orange, no automobile manufacturer considered it a color that would interest a wide swath of buyers. Suddenly, orange Sonic hatchbacks are the color of choice for 20% of new Sonic buyers. The only shade that has a higher number of fans is the perennially popular black. Check out all of the colors and features available on your Sonic here: Palm Springs Chevrolet


While Sonic designers wanted to offer a color palette that reflects the individual personality of this car, they didn’t want to risk creating vehicles that would look dated and out of style in a few months. The fine line between unique and durable, long-term appeal is easy to cross when it comes to exterior colors. That is why, for the most part, manufacturers stick with proven favorites, like silver, black, and red. Taking the risk into Inferno Orange has paid off dramatically for Chevy Sonic. Hatchback drivers love it, and the uncommon choice makes Sonic one of the most recognizable models on the road. Of course, color isn’t the only reason Sonic is so fun to drive, but the eye-catching appeal is certainly a plus.

Orange became synonymous with high-performance, as it was exclusive to a few hard-core sports cars. Sonic designers felt this compact car might be the best candidate to adopt the orange tradition, because of its turbo-charged engine and the handling that was inspired by Chevy Corvette. Experts imagine the evolution of orange will move from the bright hue popular today to an orange that is darker, with burnt, coppery undertones. Whatever the future holds for car colors, Sonic is the trendsetter for discerning consumers. Learn more about everything Sonic has to offer new car buyers from the professionals: Palm Springs Chevrolet.

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