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Denali – the High One – Goes Higher in May

June 21, 2012

What do you get when you put all of the Denali models together? To begin with, you have nearly 1/5th of Palm Springs GMC’s total sales for May. The name, which comes from the native word for Alaska’s Mt. McKinley or “the High One”, turned out to be an apt descriptor for this powerhouse of a truck. If you don’t own one now, you will once you visit Jessup Auto Plaza.

Your neighbors are buying the Denali, because they trust 110 years of GMC excellence in groundbreaking truck design. The Denali family is versatile, with affordable luxury that gives it a competitive edge over brands like Porsche and Land Rover. Professional grade engineering puts everything you need under the hood, so you can enjoy everything you want when you are in the driver’s seat. 


Put up to eight people in the Acadia Denali, and you will still have enough space to fit all of the awards this SUV won. Should you ever want to trade up for a newer vehicle, you can rest assured that your 2012 is predicted to have the highest resale value in its class as winner of the ALG Residual Value Award. How many stars did the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) give Denali? We’re glad you asked. A perfect five star score promises you the best protections money can buy. Finally, you can be certain you are getting the best value for every dollar you spend, since the Denali passed intense Consumer Digest scrutiny to become a 2012 Best Buy.

There are other trucks on the market that have some similar features and others that promise you a few of the same benefits. However, settling for part of the package doesn’t come close to the experience of driving the vehicles in the Denali family. Later this year, you will have the opportunity to drive the completely redesigned Palm Springs GMC Acadia Denali – or perhaps you prefer the all-new Terrain Denali? Either way, you can customize yours at Jessup Auto Plaza.

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