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Chevy Doesn’t Wait for Storms – It Creates Them

June 14, 2012

When Chevy’s engineers set out to create a car to withstand the most dramatic weather Mother Nature can produce, they don’t sit around waiting for a storm to come to them – they generate their own and put their cars through the paces again and again. The 2012 Chevy Cruze stays water-tight through 6,600 gallons – a lifetime for most cars – even when it is applied in a mere eight minutes. GM’s unique Universal Water Test Booth uses a remarkable 330 nozzles to shoot 825 gallons per minute, testing every one of the vehicle’s seals. See where you will stay dry during the worst that Mother Nature creates at Palm Springs Chevrolet (Jessup Auto Plaza).


Of course, heavy rain isn’t the worst weather that the Cruze might face, so engineers look at capability in hurricane-force winds. The Climactic Wind Tunnel shows any design weaknesses long before your car ever goes into production. You can rest easy knowing GM’s Flooded Road Lab made it possible to eliminate any chance of door or engine compartment leaks when driving through up to a foot of water. Every temperature extreme is explored in the Thermal Chamber, from the coldest cold imaginable to the stunning heat found in desert conditions. Still wondering if your Cruze is air-tight in addition to withstanding water? Know that this, too, was tested in the Chevy Dust Booth.

If, despite the most advanced techniques available in current engineering, you still run into trouble during a storm, safety features are thick in the Chevy Cruze to keep you on the road under the most extreme conditions. Ten standard airbags are included – the most in its class – and passengers are enclosed in a safety cage that exceeds requirements set forth by the federal government. Chevy wants your relationship to be long-term, so keeping you safe is the first priority with any Chevy vehicle. The experts at Palm Springs Chevrolet (Jessup Auto Plaza) can tell you more about Cruze’s performance under extreme weather conditions.

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