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You Will Be All Shook Up with the Newest Safety Feature Coming from Cadillac XTS

June 7, 2012

Though cars have been downsizing, Cadillac is taking a gamble that the luxury market will still open up for a big, comfortable automobile. To turn the odds in their favor, the company has spared no expense in designing advanced safety features not found in any other model. Instead of beeping or flashing warning lights at you, the driver’s seat vibrates dramatically when you are in danger, much like the built in massage seats other cars offer. Dubbed the Safety Alert Seat, it works in conjunction with the rest of the Driver Awareness Package that comes standard when you buy the XTS Premium trim. At Palm Springs Cadillac (Jessup Auto Plaza) you can learn more about the lengths this company will go to keep you safe on the road.


How and why does the seat vibrate? It communicates with the blind spot warning and lane departure systems to let you know when either has been activated. The seat knows left from right and will shake you on the appropriate side to let you know when something has come alongside you out of view, or when you are drifting out of your lane unintentionally. A rear cross traffic alert gives your seat a full vibration to let you know there is something behind you. Finally, a forward collision alert notifies you of something too close, making the whole seat shake to get your attention.

This is just the beginning for impressive safety technology that will protect you from the most common types of accidents. For example, the soon-to-be-offered Driver Assistance Package will have an auto-brake that stops the car immediately if it senses that you are about to hit something. These may all sound like features you expect from cars of the future, but believe it – Cadillac is bringing this technology to you today. Find out more about Cadillac’s passion for your safety at Palm Springs Cadillac, Jessup Auto Plaza.

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