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Chevy Corvettes are the Cars of Choice for Space Travelers

May 10, 2012

Men who have traveled in rocket ships have pretty high standards when it comes to which cars they want to drive. After all, it is pretty hard to impress after the speed, technology, and handling of a space shuttle. Chevy has been up for the challenge since the United States space program was at its peak, keeping astronauts on the road both before and after their space flights. While your Palm Springs Chevrolet, Jessup Auto Plaza doesn’t sell space shuttles, there are enough powerful engines on the lot to suit any adventurer’s taste.  


The relationship between Chevy Corvettes and the astronauts of NASA began in 1961. Alan Shepard, the first United States citizen to visit outer space, was presented with a brand new 1962 Corvette when he got home. All of the other Mercury astronauts also chose Chevys, though only six of the seven went with Corvettes. Local dealerships considered how to take advantage of the space travelers’ preference for Chevrolet. One came up with a clever idea that resulted in Neil Armstrong, the first person to set foot on the moon, driving away in his first Corvette in 1966. The dealer offered a one-year lease program on Corvettes to all of the astronauts, which meant that they had the latest model each year. Car buyers everywhere saw the astronauts on the road with their Chevrolet Corvettes, and they had to have their own.

When Armstrong traded his Corvette in in 1968, one of the employees at the dealership bought it. It has changed hands a couple of times, but from 1981 to 2012, it has been garaged full-time. Now this piece of history is for sale on eBay, and attracting many interested bidders. The reserve is set at more than a quarter million dollars. For those who prefer a newer model, there are many options available at Palm Springs Chevlrolet, Jessup Auto Plaza.

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