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Really Smart Cars – Cadillac’s Self-Driving Super Cruiser

May 3, 2012

Backseat drivers will have a whole new challenge with new Super Cruise technology from Cadillac. Instead of the old, dull cruise control we have grown used to – and bored with – Super Cruise does much more than just regulate speed. Your next Cadillac might be able to handle the entire highway driving experience, from gas and braking to steering. Your Palm Springs Cadillac dealer, Jessup Auto Plaza will be the first to offer these self-driving automobiles, and it will be much sooner than you think.


The ultimate goal of the autonomous vehicle engineers is to create automobiles that require little or no human input. Imagine a world where car accidents are a thing of the past, your designated driver is your vehicle, and you can safely finish eating your breakfast during your morning commute. The first giant step we will see in this direction is a Cadillac capable of maneuvering highways all by itself using Super Cruise technology.

Until you understand how the feature works, it is tough to trust that the car can calculate the thousands of minute variables involved in every minute of highway driving. Ultrasonic sensors, radar, and cameras keep the computer brain up-to-speed on everything happening around the vehicle, while an advanced GPS system provides location and navigational support. Loyal Cadillac buyers already have the building blocks of this advanced technology in their current models.

The final hurdle is to develop technology that can “see” and stay inside lane markings – and seek solutions when roads are not properly marked. When the car can’t “see” lane markings because they are missing, or when there are significant weather conditions, old-fashioned manual driving will have to take over. Visit your Palm Springs Cadillac dealer, Jessup Auto Plaza and have a look at the most advanced automobile technology available today. Stay tuned for the next big development in self-driving cars, which might be available as soon as 2016.

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