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Cadillac Plans on an XTS, ATS Commercial Blitz

April 19, 2012

Every car maker knows that the way you advertise can make or break how successful your new automobile is. Cadillac has been especially successful at creating captivating advertisements and commercials that have made consumers dying to buy a Cadillac. By launching their newest editions to the XTS and ATS family, Cadillac has now announced their plans to showcase two new advertisement campaigns for both models. You can catch the commercials and test drive the cars for real by visiting your own Palm Springs Cadillac dealership today at Jessup Auto Plaza.


The XTS is scheduled to hit the showroom floor in early June; therefore commercials should start appearing the month before that and continue well onto the 2013 year. The ATS on the other hand, is expected to appear later in the summer, but without a definitive month released just yet. They do expect that the ATS will make its debut during the summer Olympics.


The biggest thing Cadillac intends to do is showcase a sports-related theme. Since the XTS and ATS are meant to be sportier, sexier models, Cadillac wants to make sure consumers know just how sporty these vehicles are. Aside from being showcased at the Olympics, Cadillac plans on running advertisement campaigns that include U.S. Open Tournament shots and even the Kentucky Derby.

Cadillac expects the ATS to bring in the most volume for sales as it does repeatedly each year, but the XTS may surprise everyone with its newest design. Cadillac does plan on spending more time advertising the ATS than the XTS, but they will still make sure everyone knows what the XTS has to offer come buying time. Cadillac does plan on showcasing a few commercials that prove the XTS and ATS are better than its BMW competitors, but without calling out the competitor outright. Get behind the wheel of your own Palm Springs Cadillac by visiting your local dealership today at Jessup Auto Plaza.

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