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Enhanced Theft Protection From Cadillac For The Annual Most-Stolen Vehicle

March 1, 2012

 Every year, the highest amount of stolen cars is always the Cadillac Escalade.  Car thieves have clearly made it known that this is their most coveted target.  Cadillac hasn’t overlooked this undeniable fact, and the 2012 Cadillac Escalade has been equipped with enhanced theft protection because of the higher risk their vehicle faces.  Already a well-equipped car, secured against a typical grand theft auto scenario with existing security features that include OnStar, the new security enhancements could work in favor of Escalade owners and lower the number of stolen Cadillac Escalades.  Looking for your local Palm Desert Cadillac?  Find it today at Jessup Auto Plaza, located right in Cathedral City.


GM has a global leader for vehicle theft protection, Bill Biondo, who works to bring down the theft risk of the Cadillac.  According to Bill, the 2012 security enhancements the latest Escalade will offer will make the Escalade a much more difficult target for thieves to go after.  One of these advanced security features includes a PASS Key 3+, a sophisticated name for an advanced system that encrypts key, key cylinder, and the ignition.  It’s the three main things an Escalade thief needs access to in order to steal one.  The current column-lock system has been upgraded to stop push-away thefts: it’s almost impossible to get the Escalade onto a flatbed.  A new inclination sensor sets off an alarm when any unwarranted change in the vehicle’s angle or position occurs.  There’s even a shock sensor that sounds the horn the minute the vehicle undergoes some shock (i.e., breaking the car window glass).  Lastly, a wheel lock system is included to stop any theft of Escalade wheels and tires.

Next time you test drive a Palm Desert Cadillac Escalade, look for the 2012 models to be sure you get the advanced safety options.  Head over to Jessup Auto Plaza in Cathedral City to get the best deal.

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