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Things You Didn’t Know About GMC

January 20, 2012

GMC is the longest-running brand ever featured by General Motors.  It has been a standard American name in automotives, especially in pickup trucks, crossover vehicles, and SUVs.  The vehicles that GMC is famous for include reliable workhorses, family-friendly vehicles, and stylish crossovers that have reached a luxury level.  Throughout its many years of existence, the GMC automotive brand has had quite a history.  We’ve discovered an interesting list of 6 things you probably didn’t know about GMC.  Searching for local Palm Springs GMC sales?  Visit Jessup Auto Plaza, located right next to you in Cathedral City.


What has defined the GMC name?  Strong sales in today’s era, and war stories from a fascinating past.  Here are 6 interesting facts about GMC.

1. GMC turns 100 years old this year, in 2012.  GMC first began in 1912 when three vehicle companies (the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, Randolph, and Reliance) all merged together to become GMC.

2. In 1909, a very early predecessor of the GMC known as the Rapid F-406-B was the first truck to reach the top of Pike’s Peak, driving all the way up 14,110 feet.

3. If GMC was a standalone automaker, it would stand today as the 10th largest automaker in the United States, if you counted its vehicle sales from January to November 2011 alone.  Today, the GMC and Denali trim level are the fastest-growing nameplates in America, with sales increase of 22% and 91% year over year.

4. GMC was the builder of the world’s earliest electrical vehicles, which it constructed from 1912-1917.

5. GMC’s luxury Denali focused trim level SUV currently outsells the entire line of premium luxury automakers, which includes Porsche, Land Rover, and Jaguar.

6. In the era of World War II, GMC provided the military with no less than 584,000 military vehicles.  Among them were the two well known workhorses, the CCKW-353 “Deuce-and-a-Half” and the amphibious vehicle “Duck”.

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