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OnStar & Cadillac Scheduled To Showcase New Technologies January 2012

January 13, 2012

Both OnStar and Cadillac are big names in the automotive industry.  One makes cars; and one brings safety to the car.  In 2012, both brands are showcasing their latest technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The event will take place January 10 and end on January 13.  Both Cadillac and OnStar will be discussing their respective upcoming innovations during the press conference Sunday January 8 in the Casanova Ballroom at the Venetian Hotel and Casino.  Automotive reviewers, media and reporters around the world are looking forward to the event with much anticipation.  If you’re searching for local Beaumont Cadillac sales, be sure to visit Jessup Auto Plaza, located right in Cathedral City.

During the 2012 media event, Cadillac will be demonstrating the Cadillac User Experience, an in-vehicle comprehensive experience that brings together industry design with automotive industry-first commands and controls for infotainment data.  Cadillac will also be discussing the research methods that were behind the creation of the CUE.

OnStar, right next to Cadillac in January’s Consumer Electronics Show, will be collaborating with Verizon Wireless and their advanced 4G LTE network to focus in on the in-vehicle experience that will relate to streaming content sharing for all the vehicle passengers.  OnStar will be debuting prototypes of their application and demonstrate them in a Chevrolet Volt research vehicle.  This will include a Cloud-based streaming of entertainment as well as information content, throughout the entire vehicle; video chat; and a rear seat infotainment management system.  It’s highly advanced for today’s vehicles, but fit right in with the electronic expectations of today’s active commuter.

Find your Beaumont Cadillac today at Jessup Auto Plaza, located near you in Cathedral City.

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