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First To Offer HD Radio In A Car: The Cadillac CUE

January 6, 2012

HD radio has not been an available option in any car.  That is, until now.  The Cadillac CUE, also known as Cadillac User Experience, is now going to feature HD radio as a standard option.  CUE itself is an innovative new technology feature that has been developed for 2013 Cadillac models by Cadillac.  It syncs directly with a smartphone and is the first in-car system to bring haptics to a car display and controls, allowing for feedback when scrolling or swiping.  HD Radio is just another perk that will be a part of this innovative new technology, exclusive only to Cadillac.  Interested in finding your Palm Desert Cadillac?  Head to Jessup Auto Plaza, located in Cathedral City, for Cadillac sales today.

The Cadillac User Experience has been tested by many car experts and found to be very impressive in all functions.  It’s currently being tested for featuring in the 2013 Cadillac XTS models, available next spring 2012.  It will also be a part of the upcoming ATS and SRX Cadillacs as well.  The HD radio is a standard part of the CUE.  Cadillac’s product director has named the new HD radio availability a groundbreaking step in user experience for connectivity and control in a vehicle.

Cadillac’s HD radio, available in all models that feature CUE, is basically an upgrade that digitalizes your radio, bringing both AM and FM stations in analog as well as digital signals.  What’s better, you’ll be able to catch these signals via the HD radio.  These signals are available for just about 90% of current American radio listeners, with no less than 2,100 stations emitting the digital signals.

Find out all the CUE has to offer, including HD radio and much more, when the Spring 2012 Cadillac models arrive in showrooms near you.  For Palm Desert Cadillac, visit Jessup Auto Plaza, located in Cathedral City.

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