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The LaCrosse GL Concept: Redefining Buick Style

November 25, 2011

Buick has long offered luxury vehicles to the public with affordable price tags.  But with the LaCrosse GL concept coming out this year, their head designers have recaptured the signature style of the Buick luxury vehicle in a whole new flavor of style.  And it’s not looking bad, to say the least.  The statement of elegance that the LaCrosse GL concept makes has been inspired by something you would never guess: fine cuisine and heirloom objects.  Inspired by only the best cuisine, the interior has a chocolate suede look, and the burnished metal red of the exterior is reminiscent of antique jewelry (so the designers say).  Interested in a local La Quinta Buick?  Head over to Jessup Auto Plaza today to test drive your dream Buick.



The luxury Buick LaCrosse GL concept is on display at the L.A. Auto Show through November 17 this year.  The executive director of Buick design, David Lyon, describes the LaCrosse concept as a “human kind of luxury.”  It’s as warm and inviting as it is refined and graceful, the director says.  Inside, you’ll find premium leather upholstered seating in a combination of rich dark chocolate and light milk chocolate colors.  There’s even ambient lighting integrated into the distinct concept style, in ice blue.  The creative designer is hoping that the new direction will be an inspiration for later Buick luxury models.

The exterior of the LaCrosse GL is furnished with brushed-and-tinted chrome trim, chrome accents on the grill and door handles, and even special accents around the taillights and headlamps.  The satin-finish, 20-inch rims add the last bit of understated elegance to this beautiful concept vehicle.

Find your local La Quinta Buick today at Jessup Auto Plaza, located in Cathedral City.

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