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First-Ever Crash Avoidance System Debuts on the 2012 GMC Terrain

November 18, 2011

The 2012 GMC Terrain is an innovative small-sized SUV that is now in dealerships. Its arrival has been a matter of much excitement for both regular commuters and car experts alike.  And the main feature about the car that has created a lot of hype is the active safety system that is featured on it.  Besides a Color Touch Navigation System that gives you more than directions (full media controls right on your dashboard), the 2012 GMC Terrain comes with the first crash avoidance system featured on any automobile in the industry.  It’s a declaration of our innovative, technological age and what it can produce.  Or, specifically, what GMC can produce.  If you’re looking for local Palm Desert GMC deals, visit the #1 Coachella Valley dealer, Jessup Auto Plaza located right in Cathedral City.The crash avoidance system debuting on the 2012 GMC Terrain is camera-based and will alert the driver of any potential collision before it occurs.  The smart system uses a single camera to avoid both front-end as well as unsignalled lane departure crashes.  The active safety system, turned on any time the car is in motion, uses a high-res digital camera that is mounted on the windshield of the car, directly ahead of the rearview mirror.  It can sight the shape of vehicles and lane markings, and uses a combination of audible warnings and visual displays to warn the driver when a collision is imminent. 

Over 6 million car incidents occur every year, and a large 28% of these are caused by rear-end crashes.  Driver inattention is one of the number one reasons for these crashes.  The brand new crash avoidance system on the 2012 GMC Terrain directly targets this statistic, and will offer the potential to help prevent these kinds of crashes.

Find your local Palm Desert GMC deal today at Jessup Auto Plaza, located in Cathedral City.

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