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The 2011 GMC Sierra: Heavy Duty Trucking At Its Best

October 27, 2011

Serious truck drivers know how important it is to have high quality hauling and towing capabilities, with a solid build quality and responsive steering.  And the 2011 GMC Sierra was built with all of these features in mind, and more.  It’s been improved for the year with better capabilities, and is the perfect choice for those who need a heavy-duty truck.  Although identical on the exterior to former predecessors, the 2011 GMC Sierra is a much higher grade vehicle than the former Sierra models in the build and installed components.  If you’re looking for Coachella Valley GMC Sierra deals, head to Jessup Auto Plaza located right in Cathedral City.  We’re even running a special on the GMC Sierra: purchase the 2011 GMC Sierra and get 1 year of Sirius XM Satellite Radio for free! found the 2011 GMC Sierra to be seriously upgraded in heavy duty features.  It’s now a standout performer, they claim, among the rest of the heavy duty trucks in the car market.  GMC has added a brand new suspension and frame components, more than the average amount of electronic driver aids, and a brand new diesel engine featuring exhaust braking.  The new fully boxed frame is something that will give the 2011 Sierra a great deal more rigidity and strength.  The suspension components make for a much more comfortable ride, as well.

Plus, the towing and hauling capacities of the Sierra have increased for 2011: it can haul up to 3,700 lbs of payload, and tow a whopping 13,000 lbs with its standard ball hitch.  Full capacity for towing is 16,500 lbs with the optional fifth-wheel connection.  The engine output of 397 horsepower and 765 lb/ft of torque is incredible for a heavy duty pickup.  Interior features like a CD, MP3 player, AM and FM stereo, keyless entry, OnStar, and much more add a finished touch to complete the Sierra.

Find your Coachella Valley GMC Sierra at Jessup Auto Plaza, located right in Cathedral City.  Don’t forget to check out the special on the GMC Sierra.  When you purchase one of our 2011 GMC Sierras, you get 1 year of Sirius XM Satellite Radio for free.

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