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The All-New Chevrolet Sonic 2012: Available in Hatchback or Sedan

October 13, 2011

The 2012 Chevy Sonic is set to replace the Aveo this fall 2011.  And with the smaller, lighter build of the Sonic, car experts are calling it a better replacement.  The tiny sub-compact Sonic is one size smaller than the Cruze, but features the same choices in powerful four-cylinder engines.  It’s a turbocharged vehicle, and it’s on the market to rival the Ford Fiesta, one of the primary competitive targets the Sonic was aimed for.  Visit our dealership Jessup Auto Plaza in Cathedral City, and find out why we’re the #1 Coachella Valley auto dealer for local Indio Chevrolet deals!

The Chevrolet Sonic is set to be the Cruze’s small, lighter sibling.  The 2012 Chevrolet Sonic, which will be in dealerships towards the fall of this year, is a good 500 pounds lighter than the Cruze.  However, it’s not lacking in power, but stays equal to the Cruze with a 4 cylinder engine that comes in two choices: a 135 horsepower standard or a turbocharged 138 horsepower engine.  Car buyers will also be able to choose from a five speed manual edition or an automatic transmission, with a six-speed manual for the turbo version.

It’s clear that the Ford Fiesta is a direct competition target for the Sonic, with the sleek, compact look and feel it maintains.  The engineer in charge of the Sonic’s development team, John Buttermore, claims that the ride and the overall handling of the Sonic will outdo the Fiesta.  The steering response and the ride quality is predicted as spectacular.

The Chevy Sonic will be available in a hatchback as well as a sedan form.  Check out the high resolution gallery online.  Looking for local Indio Chevrolet deals?  Visit Jessup Auto Plaza in Cathedral City today!

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