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Introducing A Possible Leader In the Small Pickup Truck Market: The GM Colorado

October 7, 2011

It’s been considered by many automakers as a “dying market segment.”  But Chevrolet and General Motors plans to revamp the way people think about this market—the small pickup truck market.  They’ve combined forces in a contract to assemble a new model at GM’s assembly plant, with Chevrolet funding.  And instead of the average small truck, Chevrolet has designed a brand new Colorado that might just breathe some life into the fading small pickup truck market.  Currently, the Chevy Colorado pickup is scheduled to be produced at the Missouri GM assembly plant.  For La Quinta Chevrolet or La Quinta GMC models, visit our local dealership Jessup Auto Plaza in Cathedral City.

Back in the early days of the US auto industry, the small pickup truck market was a booming one.  Fuel economy was met, and young buyers were happy to find an affordable small truck.  However, when the price and the size of these so-called small pickups grew to match the full size Silverados and F-150s, buyers chose to go with the full sizes instead.  And although automakers find that it could be dangerous to their profits to market the small pickup truck, General Motors development brain has had an eye on this market for years.  And they think there’s a way to get the buyer interested, with the right offering.

As a result, General Motors plans to begin building an all-new Chevrolet Colorado, a smaller version of the current Colorado with a diesel engine and variations of different cab and bed sizes.  Currently, the Toyota Tacoma is the only leader in the small pickup truck market.  And GM has high hopes that include rivaling this definitive leader.  The cost-effective, rugged, and stylish new Colorado will be a welcome sight when it arrives.

Visit your local Cathedral City Jessup Auto Plaza for great deals on brand new La Quinta Chevrolet or La Quinta GMC models!

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