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Brilliancy With Fuel Economy: The Chevy Cruze 2011

July 7, 2011

Sacrificing quality to get 40 mpg on the highway seems almost necessary.  However, with the Chevrolet Cruze, nothing’s been sacrificed to acquire the 42 mpg highway ability.  Our Jessup dealer in Cathedral City offers you local Indio Chevrolet deals: and this is one of the latest ones.  The all new 2011 Cruze features conventionally compact smartness with simply more perks than just about any of its rivals have to offer.  The value for the car is astronomical.  The quiet, huge interior reminds any driver of a luxury interior; and outer is not less, with a sculpted fluid look that fits a Cadillac rather than a Chevy.  The performance, safety, and luxury features of the Cruze are hard to combat.

The Chevrolet Cruze 2011 currently holds a position as the best highway mileage car of any gas engine powered gar in America today.  That’s why you’re getting the most value for your money: simply because you’re getting the best.  The Cruze has an amazing ability of 42 mpg on the highway, and it hasn’t sacrificed one thing to get there.  It has four doors and plenty of room inside.  Starting at just $16,500, this is a value you’re not going to find anywhere else.  The interior provides so much room, it’s hard to believe you’re in a compact car.  There’s more passage room in it than the Honda Civic and even the Toyota Corolla.  Plus, it even has more cargo space than both of them.  The thirty different acoustical treatments have a brand new triple-sealed, acoustic laminated glass windshield.  This creates an interior feel you can’t replicate: a serene, quiet experience.  Featured as one of Ward’s Best Interiors for 2011, you’d really find it hard to believe you were in a Chevrolet if you took it for a test drive.

With a better fuel economy than most rival cars, even the Honda, the Chevrolet Cruze is the choice for any commuter looking for outstanding value.  Visit our dealership in Cathedral City to check out our latest local Indio Chevrolet Cruze models.

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