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Buick & It’s New Full Size Luxury Sedan

June 30, 2011

Buick is a car that’s been associated with long-lasting value: not so much luxury.  But with the brand new 2011 Buick Lucerne, things are changing.  Currently, our dealership Jessup Auto Plaza in Cathedral City features local Palm Desert Buick models including the Lucerne 2011.  This is one model for the luxury car owners and fans that can’t be passed up.  Without the price tag of a Bentley or Cadillac, it can still certainly rival the high end luxury car names.  The Buick Lucerne 2011 has been nicknamed the Road Scholar with all the technology features it possesses.  Behind the wheel, it has the feel of advanced technology and a brilliant elegance and comfort from the latest developments by Buick.

The 292 HP of the Northstar V8 engine is featured in the Lucerne 2011 and brings a high level of power to the car.  The advanced safety features include the Rear Parking Assist, the Lane Departure Warning, and the Side Blind Zone Alert.  Buick has made it their goal that what’s on the inside counts the most.  With the 2011 Lucerne, things are far ahead of competition.  The Lucerne has more cabin space than a Mercedes C-Class; a Lincoln MKZ; an Acura TL; and even a Lexus E5 350.  The jewel like outer features replicate some of Bentley’s most stylish additions.  LED backlighting, heated wood steering wheel, and French stitching on the genuine leather seats remind one of a luxury premium car.  There’s room for five adults in the large area.  The outer is no less of a wonder.  The Buick Lucerne 2011 has an angled roof line and windshield; this has been created for more than looks.  It cuts through both air and wind in a way that is extremely stable.  High technology headlight lamps give more power of vision to night drivers.

Take the Buick Lucerne for a test drive at our local Cathedral City dealer.  With the local Palm Desert Buick Lucerne we’re offering you, you don’t need to look elsewhere to find a better value, better styled luxury car.

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