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Wireless Capabilities Now Available On the GMC 2012 Terrain

June 9, 2011

Jessup Auto Plaza La Quinta features a lot of GMC makes and models.  There’s something new coming to their car lot in 2012, however.  GMC is planning to take on a whole new level in the next Terrain they construct.  Already built for 2012, the small SUV style 2012 Terrain coming to Jessup Auto Plaza La Quinta adds another benefit to its popular fuel economy and great features: an infotainment (information based entertainment) system with expanded wireless capabilities.  Not only is it a great addition, but it’s also going to be easy to use for just about any driver.

At La Quinta, Jessup Auto Plaza will feature the 2012 Terrain late this year.  It’s the first vehicle on the market to connect with GMC IntelliLink and offer Bluetooth or USB connection capabilities that will actually connect the driver’s Smartphone to the car’s full-color touch screen display radio.  IntelliLink is a big expansion on the Terrain’s current Bluetooth capabilities.  Smartphone control can now be voice activated, and audio can be streamed from the phone through the car stereo.  The wireless infotainment system is completely personalized to fit the driver with all the different options available.  Listen to movie times on the way to your theater, or enjoy your favorite style of music.

One of the best features about the new IntelliLink wireless features is that it was constructed to let the driver focus on the road.  Through a seamless integration of stowed portable devices with the Terrain’s infotainment system, drivers don’t have to take their hands off the steering wheel.  The new wireless setup is completely safety centered and perfect for personalizing your car to fit your media.  Check out the lot at Jessup Auto Plaza La Quinta late 2011 for the new Terrain model.

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