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Electric Powered Chevrolet Volt Hits The Car Markets

June 2, 2011

Chevrolet cars have been growing in not only popularity but style, performance and design as they populate more and more car dealerships like ours here at Jessup Auto Plaza Palm Springs.  As the fuel prices grow and the economy hits new lows, Chevrolet has taken into consideration the new car outlook that might be overtaking the near future and come up with a great concept of their own—the Chevrolet Volt.  This car model is something that looks completely unrealistic and straight out of science fiction.  It’s hard to believe it’s a Chevrolet.  The best part about the Volt is that it’s an extended range electric vehicle.  This means that the Volt has a 1.4L cylinder engine with a internal combustion engine system that is designed like no other hybrid.  It runs so quietly and smoothly that it’s hard to believe the engine is ever on; the internal combustion system is also designed to run only to charge the battery pack, unlike many other hybrid cards.

The Chevy Volt is going to make a whole new impact in car dealerships.  At Jessup Auto Plaza, we’ve been featuring Chevrolet cars for years, and a new model with an entirely different Chevy style has just hit our market.  The Volt runs off a specialized Voltec electric drive system which is highly complex.  It has two electric motors, one that’s traction and one that’s a motor generator, as well as a gasoline engine, a planetary style gear set built to blend the power inputs, and three clutches to control the power inputs.  As if that’s not enough, it also comes with a 16kWh battery pack.  Driving the Chevy volt is surprisingly easy.  It has a strong and impressive feel, with easy maneuverability.

Check out the Chevrolet Volt at Jessup Auto Plaza Palm Springs, and take it for your first drive today.  You won’t ever forget the experience.

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