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Cadillac Sets A New Record For Kelley Blue Book’s 2011 Brand Image Awards

May 19, 2011

Cadillac is a common high-end luxury and top performance car sold in local dealerships like our Jessup Auto Plaza Indio lot.  So, it was no surprise when the 2011 Brand Image Awards by Kelley Blue Book gave the most awards to Cadillac, naming it the best luxury exterior design, best interior design, and best comfort model car in the industry.  The Brand Image Awards were based on what consumers thought of automotive brands.  Cadillac won no less than three awards among all the classes.

However, it might come as a surprise to find out which Cadillac model put the car model name on the winning seat.  It wasn’t the elaborate SRX crossover or the large Escalade, but the Cadillac’s more modern CTS Sedan.  The CTS Sedan was the car to tip the scales for consumer favor of the Cadillac name.  The strong sales that the Cadillac kept in dealer marketplaces like Jessup Auto Plaza Indio were also a weight in favor of the Cadillac for Kelley Blue Book.  Compared to 2010, Cadillac sales were increased by a strong 38%.  Cadillac is a car that’s setting the example for the best features and high quality designs, both exterior and interior.  Competing markets have a lot to match up to with the standard that’s been set by Cadillac.

Since 1902, Cadillac has been a leading brand in the car industry.  It’s only been during the past recent years that Cadillac took up a campaign to bring top notch engineering and advanced technology to their luxury vehicles.  The CTS Sedan is a four door vehicle known for its powerful performance on the road and its luxury interior designs.  The new 2011 design is sporty as well as luxurious with shiny alloy wheels and a sporty uptake on the classic look.  Take it for a test drive today at Jessup Auto Plaza Indio.

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