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Cadillac Promotes High Performance Luxury Vehicles With New 2012 SRX Crossover Coming To Jessup Auto Plaza

May 5, 2011

Cadillac’s dream luxury vehicles are famous worldwide for their top notch excellence and  quality, and they’re one of the main features of the Jessup Auto Plaza Palm Desert dealership.  Just when their cars couldn’t seem to be surpassed, they’ve announced a new 2012 model that will feature a lot of power and serious fuel economy.  The 2012 SRX Crossover, introduced by Cadillac for their 2012 model line and about to feature in Jessup Auto Plaza Palm Desert, has great new features that include a 3.6-liter direct-injection V-6 engine.  This powerful motor will get 300 hp and the car itself will feature fuel economy that compares to Cadillac’s 2011 models, with 18 mpg on the city and 25 mpg on the highway.  At Jessup Auto Plaza, Cadillac has been attracting buyers for years who enjoy a car that stands out in styling and performance.  Their new 2012 model only heightens these goals.

Since the SRX was redesigned for its 2012 model year, it has been a bestseller in Cadillac car models and in dealerships like Jessup Auto Plaza Palm Desert.  It was constructed with a dramatic five-seater look rather than the previous conservative seven-seater, and instantly it’s new look received attention.  Sales increased 153% in 2010, and dealers like Jessup Auto Plaza wanted more models for their inventory in the next year.  And it’s no wonder.  The new SRX style is amazing in performance and looks.

Designing the new SRX 2012 is not all that Cadillac has been up to the past few months.  Word has it that a slew of original Cadillac car models will hit the markets in the next year.  Cadillac is getting ready to prepare a brand new XTS flagship sedan as well as an ATS compact car, plus they’re even planning a plug-in hybrid version of the SRX.  If you’re in the Palm Desert area, Jessup Auto Plaza is the dealership for you to take your favorite Cadillac on a test spin.  The plug-in hybrid version of one of Cadillac’s top selling cars could be a big trend that many Cadillac buyers will want to take advantage of.  It may encourage other people to start buying Cadillac at places like Jessup Auto Plaza Palm Desert, as well.


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