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OnStar Offers Expanded Smartphone Power For New GM Owners

July 27, 2010

Soon available for 2011 Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, and Buick vehicles will be a wide range of smartphone abilities thanks to OnStar. GM is pairing with OnStar to develop brand-specific apps that allow owners to directly harness digital technology to enhance their capabilities with the vehicle, and make the overall ownership experience even better.


The apps will allow users to securely communicate with their car’s systems remotely, doing things such as locking the doors (in case you forgot and you’re already away from the vehicle), starting the vehicle remotely, and activating horn and lights. The advantage of this smartphone technology over traditional key fobs is that it’s password controlled, and that it doesn’t rely on physical distance to work.

But it doesn’t stop there. OnStar’s smartphone technology will also let owners securely access diagnostic information about their vehicles, such as fuel tank level (and fuel range remaining), odometer reading, tire pressure, remaining oil life, and even lifetime average MPG.

These are all security-controlled and require private pin numbers to access each and every time, making the ownership experience more robust yet just as secure as ever. It’s planned for installation in almost every new 2011 GM vehicle.

Want to know if the car you’re considering will be equipped with GM’s OnStar mobile app? Contact Jessup Auto Plaza. As a Coachella Valley and Cathedral City GM dealership, we’re excited about this technology and would love to help you out. We’re proud to serve drivers from Palm Springs, Hemet, Indio, Banning, Beaumont, Yucaipa, La Quinta, Palm Desert, and other nearby communities.

We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Please call us at 800-900-KARS or email: View our entire Jessup Auto Plaza inventory.

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