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Buick Regal Wooing Even Reluctant Fans

June 11, 2010

The Wall Street Journal (at published a really interesting and compelling article on the Buick Regal last week. It’s interesting not just because it’s about a new Buick model that we’re excited about (though we are). It’s interesting because Dan Neil prefaces his thoughts on the car itself with some commentary on the future of GM, and why some people have been hoping the Regal would not be a very good car.

Neil notes that some people, upset about GM getting assistance from the federal government in ’08, might wish ill on the company’s products as proof that the assistance was a poor move. But, he says, “fortunately for the rest of us, who want the company to succeed and in so succeeding make taxpayers whole on their investment,” the Buick Regal is a great car.

He sums the Regal up with the following: “How is it? Well, it’s kind of terrific,” going on the praise the new sedan for its “competent,” “substantial,” and “sporty” appearance; interior quality and amenities; and especially for its excellent handling (“like a European sport sedan”)

You can read the whole article here: (Confession: The Regal’s a Pretty Great Car), and you can drive the Buick Regal at Jessup Auto Plaza as soon as it arrives–stay tuned or follow us on Facebook to get updates about our inventory.

Jessup Auto Plaza is a Cathedral City GM dealership serving Yucaipa, Banning, Beaumont, Hemet, Palm Desert, Indio, Palm Springs, La Quinta, and other nearby communities.

We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Please call us at 800-900-KARS or email: View our entire Jessup Auto Plaza inventory.

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